There’s a printed map to go with this website.  If you live in Chorlton, you should have received a copy through your door in April or May 21. If not, you can pick up a copy at Chorlton Library or view it here

We hope the map and website inspire you to enjoy our great outdoors. The idea came from a meeting of Let’s Reimagine Chorlton, a group created to build on the way community members supported each other during the Covid crisis. We wanted to find a way to help friends and neighbours enjoy and care for our green Chorlton.

Danielle Lowy, project management, content, infographics.  

Linsey Parkinson, artwork, production, additional content, web design chinupduck.com 

Anna Violet, illustrations – map and wildlife.
© www.annaviolet.co.uk

Claire Stocks, project consultant, Walk Ride Greater Manchester

Thank you to many other volunteers who helped with the map, surveys, content and distribution – a true community effort. And thanks also to our funders for their generous support.