In April 2021, we delivered over 12,500 printed copies of our map to homes across Chorlton and Chorlton Park wards. This was completely down to an amazing army of generous and fleet-footed volunteers. We did our best to get to every single home, but admit we may have missed one or two. If we did, you can see the map here.

And here’s a little Forest of Thanks for all our wonderful helpers!

Alan M

Alice S

Alison J

Alison K

Amy J


Ann T

Aron T

Birgitte J

Brenda C

Brenda W


Cath D

Catherine B


Claire H

Claire V


Clare A


Diane S

Effie D


Ella S

Fi M



Gill M

Hilary T

Jane H


John H

Karen W

Kathy C

Lindy N

Maggie W

Mairead O

Margaret M


Maria M

Maria P

Mark B

 Mathew B


Eve H


Nick D


Nicola B

Nicola L

Nicola S

Persis V


Philip C


Rachel H

Reg K


Russell K

Sam & Joey L


Sonoe S

Stephen F

Steve G

Tessa G